Swimwear 2017 Picks

Swimwear 2017 Picks

Over the years swimwear for the plus size woman has become more fashionable with more variety of options available for each individual. It all started when Gabifresh designed the fatkini in 2011. I had seen plus size fashion vendors make two piece bathing suits before in which I did not have them long, Gabi’s were different. Instead of being like every other bikini it was made for a woman who are looking for more support or coverage.

Ever since, I have a swimwear wardrobe that was more vast than the one or two swimsuits or one pieces that I had to choose from in previous years. This is especially true since summers in the Southwest are much longer I am at the pool several times a week versus the short summer in the Northeast in which I only went a few times a year or modeled a suit once or twice a year. It has even given me a chance to figure out which brands or styles I am not interested in.

Depending on your size and the designer buying early is sometimes key. The suits that I bought last year I purchased in February. Some I was able to find on clearance by the end of the summer in which it was still hot here. Therefore since I have not won the lottery I am unable to buy them all at once. Let’s hope that I can catch them before they sell out!

 With this being this is my summer 2017 swimsuit picks!


Gabi works with Swimsuitsforall every year. Her collection usually drops after the holiday season. I am addicted to cactus so this is the first one on my list! What I find great about her collection is that if you are interested in a two piece you can order the top at a different size from the bottom. This is especially true for me since I am pear-shaped and usually wear a smaller size on the top versus the bottom. This year she dropped some fabulous cover ups as well which unfortunately have sold out in my size but, Swimsuitsforall does let you be put on a wait list. Just check out their “SOLD OUT IN YOUR SIZE” link, check the size you want, and add your email address.

Milestone Underwire Bikini


Midnight Fireworks Dress


I have been buying from Rue 107 for some time now. They are by far one of my favorite Indie designers. Not only do I have swimwear from this designer but, also clothes. Constantly get compliments on the designs. Most of the tops that she sells can are versitale that you can wear them as swimwear. Look for the sheer designs for a cover up. Plus, I love the long sleeve options as coverage is everything when I am spending a day at the beach.

Chanel Bikini Top and Chanel 2.0 Full Coverage Bikini Bottom in Midnight Nude 



Monif C. is another designer that made options fashionable for the plus size woman. Every year she provides unique colorful options such as neon and metallic. Sometimes if you missed the previous years options she might make a similar design for the next. Last year, I missed out on her rashguard/long sleeve designs.  This year thankfully, she has them again!

Rashguard Plus Size Bikini Top 



Last year I think I discovered Curvykini by a plus size blogger. The collection offers bright now it offers bright colors and fishnet cutouts on her suits. Reminds me of the suits I had in the eighties. I really hope to dig into this designer this summer.



Torrid has been adding great options every year. You can easily find Disney themed suits here. Plus they have some basics with trendy prints. This year I love the retro styles and the coverage.

Striped Halter Bik i Top and Striped Skater Skirt Swim Bottom  


Lastly, an affordable option is Walmart. They have an array of designs that are basic, retro, and trendy. Since their stores are almost everywhere you can easily buy swimwear on your trip. However, I find that most of their swimwear is not offered in the store but, online. If it is in the store they only seem to stock limited quantities so when you go back it sells out quickly. Online is a little bit slower but, if it is a trendy print it will go. I have a couple of their swimwear and they are pretty decent and have lasted me years.

Suddenly Slim by Catalina Plus Size Slimming Retro Ruffled Swimdress


There are all kinds of options out there this year for plus size swim. These are what are listed right now. With people into the resort season and Spring Break designs are out before it even gets warm in some place. However, by the time the summer comes there will be more. Who knows maybe I will have another post. You can also check out my previous blog post Fav Swimwear for reviews of what I do own from previous years.

Make sure you check out these plus size fashion vendors that offer swimwear to see what catches your eye!



Ashley Stewart

Chuck Handy

City Chic

Full Beauty


Unique Vintage


Accepting your body without social media approval

Accepting your body without social media approval

It is apparent that over the years with the advancement of the Internet all you will surely negativity about every single topic. People have their own opinions and views that they learn from their personal experiences, parents, family, friends, peers, media, or the Internet. Some just do not have the ability to filter out that we are all different and just because they went through something it is not the same for the other person. For example, the person who had a loss, grieved for a brief period thinks the one who suffered a similar loss taking longer to grieve is making excuses that they can’t get over it. Next, the person who lost weight with eating right and exercise assumes that every fat person is them. Lastly, not checking the privileges that they have over someone who grew up in a bad neighborhood, their sexual orientation, their marital status, or their nationality. Do not think someone who is educated on the basics of these differences will be sympathetic or empathetic as some will not get it. Therefore these views are everywhere and can make someone feel insecure about who they are and what they look like.

You see stories about persons who have lost their jobs for being racist or complaining about their workplace. Has anyone ever been fired from a job from practicing online bullying? Probably not. Would it solve the problem. Not really. Bullying is not even a way to get fired in the adult workplace. However, maybe they could lose friends because they do not realize many of their comments are not posted in private.  Especially, on Facebook in which when a person comments on a public page such as a Fan Page their comments could be see by their friends online. Although I know of circles of women that feed on this type of behavior. We already know that social media does not even take these comments seriously and if reported their photos banned. Furthermore, we know that women bodies are a huge money making business. Funny, I have seen people who work with women or make money off of women who talk about another’s body. Is this what you say to your clients or your customers? Doubt it, as they presume they are hiding behind a computer screen so it is okay. With this being said it is easy for someone to make a fake account or a troll account to propose bullying.

There are many articles posted about being a plus size woman experiencing body shaming versus someone who is not plus size. One great example is:

The real difference between skinny shaming and fat shaming lies in one key term: privilege“.

It discusses how you see it way more on someone who is fat versus ones that are thin. It is true. I follow pages that have all sizes. No matter where you go in the comments you will see someone body shaming. However, it is more apparent when a plus size woman is posted.

Recently, I seen a post that Allure posting the new Torrid campaign that had a plus size women posted next to plus size models. The comments were just so negative in majority of the posts especially the assumptions of their health. It always looks like a debate with high school females.


Compared to the Chanel fashions that were posted there were a mere two comments about the models figures. There are considerable differences.


It does not stop there. A magazine posted a plus size model who isn’t even standard so it was pretty much a miracle she had made it as far as she did. There was still backlash from the plus size community that she wasn’t big enough. It makes no sense to me as when I was in my teens or twenties there was no such thing as seeing anyone such as this in advertisements. It happens to women who do not fit the persona of anything like there is no happy medium.

Wouldn’t be nice if these comments were removed from the page? Torrid and Lane Bryant have been taking a stand to prevent the shaming but, there is much work to be done for others to do the same.


For me I do not have a high enough following on social media to be affected as some of these ladies are. It did not happen in the past on Myspace or on the online forums that I was a member of. The forums usually did not allow that type of behavior to happen or you would be banned. When it did I left. Unlike Model Mayhem in which fat hate prevails and since it was the way I obtained work I just ended up staying away from their forum. It did happen to me when #effyourbeautystandards’ Instagram posted a unretouched photo of me there was an “Ewww” comment. I wanted to ask them to remove it but, I sucked it up and was just happy that they reposted my photo.  Sometimes it happens to my old model photos or my workout pictures but, least I can remove any negativity there.

It really urks me when people use someones weight to end an argument.


Truly, it affects me when I see it happen to others. I even have gotten into some deep arguments with people about their shaming. It really has not gotten anywhere because in the end they usually shame me next. It was becoming a relentless battle of me trying to change the views of others.


Just not one of those people who can voice out change on the Internet. Trying not to read the comments helps. Sometimes though that is not enough. I have decided to unfollow pages that allow these comments to happen. It took me years to follow Lane Bryant, shop there, and open a credit line because they would not until this year stick up for plus size women of all sizes that spend their money there and not just their models. Other things to remember is what I mentioned in the beginning everyone has their opinion from learned experiences in which they compare themselves to everything. Lastly, people are just not nice. Judging someone from a photo is like judging a book from it’s cover.

Keeping your life positive with people who appreciate you and your body are key to live a healthy life. This includes people you know personally. It is important to have a good mental state. I cannot even tell a person’s health by their photo. It takes an assessment from head to toe. Sure there are studies out there that say otherwise but, there are also studies done and being done on the opposite end of the spectrum. If you think about it you cannot have one without the other. Do things, live your life, and treat it right.


In the Sun Hun

In the Sun Hun

Summer is here! While everyone is talking about what swimwear to buy, who thinks what a beach body is and what to wear; how are you going to protect your skin? Well summer for me is pretty much all year where I am and it is no lie that I love being outdoors in the sun, swimming, and where there is water. When I use to model I made it a point to find someone to shoot me in my bathing suit. Or, was it an excuse to go to the beach? I do not know I think I only shot three times in a bathing suit. At the time it was not as trendy as it is now.

However, I do have to protect myself while doing it. Even though I have a background of Samoan with an olive skin tone I do burn  and have no desire to try to tan. Although lately after living here by the end of August I am pretty dark. Literally, I have to wear a SPF of 50 or over in order not to burn. When outdoors I spend over 8 hours being outside. Sometimes I can burn being outside a for just an hour with no protection. When I mean no protection that is just with my face lotion that has an SPF 15. It is just is not enough for me.

Unfortunately, I am not the mermaid I desire.


Living in the Southwest I have the opportunity to be outdoors all year round whether it is for exercise, in the pool, at the beach, or even for family adventures. So that means more than my head is exposed to the sun more than ever. Before when I lived in the Northeast I use to just worry about my face, unless I was heading to the beach which was not that often as most of the year was spent covered up. Now I find myself having to worrying about covering my whole body including my head, lol.

You can check out my Keep it Real what I use for my face as I do use for my face everyday but, when I am outdoors for exercise, at the pool or beach it is different.


It is important to protect yourself from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation suggest that people wear at least SPF 15 or higher every single day. You should apply it 30 minutes before you go outside and every two hours or immediately after swimming. Another important factor are your shades. Make sure they have UVB protection. There are other ways you can protect yourself too such as wearing clothing or beach hats. Beach hats are super cute are a great fashion statement. Even when outside exercising or spending a day with the family just a baseball cap can be cute. Or, of course there are other options if you want to make a fashion statement. Read my blog Dare to Prepare as I had to buy a cap because, I totally did not protect my head the day I went to Disneyland trying to be cute. Tops are usually called “Rash Guards” and can be found with more coverage for better protection but, if you want something more trendy they are out there. Even if you just cover up with a long sleeve t-shirt would be fine too. Umbrellas and shade cover are also options that you can buy too. These days they are affordable and easy to use.

As for sun lotions products I have to buy year round. When the winter months come around there is not much to choose from. I noticed they were stocking their shelves for the Spring Breakers in February but not with much. Plus, the only thing that smells like coconut is the low SPF oily products that I cannot even use. In March, I was already at the pool because it was already hitting the nineties her in Arizona. People are in their pools here all year-long. Not only do people have hot tubs but, their pools are heated. Furthermore, it is warm enough to do anything outside. Since everything is so beautiful to look at people really do take advantage. Walking, running, biking, and hiking is the to do thing out here.



Anyway, this year Hawaiian Tropic came out with some great scents for their Sunscreen line. It has a sweet smell Smell sweet and have a little coconut twist. They have for your face, water-resistant in SPF 30 that will not clog your pores. So far I have not had an issues with break outs or when I sweat in this 100 degree heat nor does it not burn my eyes like my other skin care products would. I would even use this for working out! I do not wear makeup during the day so I am not sure how this would work for those who wear it on a daily basis. I use the other one for my body on the days that I am walking, running, or hiking outside. It smells really nice.

CVS is pretty my go to for bulk sunscreen. It comes in high SPF for when swimming and at the beach. Probably because their brand is always on sale. Plus, I do like their lotion it is thick enough as my skin gets pretty dry from swimming in the ocean and the chlorine pools all day long. I like to also use Spray when I am not up to having to lotion. However, make sure you still rub it on your skin afterwards. Just because you spray it on does not mean it is on. The spray is also great for children who well if you have one like mine that will just not stay still for you. They also sell aftercare lotions, gels, and sprays as well.

Next, is Banana Boat. They also have high SPF spray products. The only downfall is they are pricey but, if you can find them on sale you are good to go.

Another I like to use is Avon. Their products have bug repellant too so if you are at one of those beaches with horse flies, mosquitoes, or and if you are worried about the Zika outbreak this is probably the best choice. They are perfect for those cookout outings.

Have a great summer and do your thing. I know I am!



Not Afraid of Change

It is no lie that I rarely shop with brands that are afraid to overstep their bounds and use models of all sizes. When I mean all sizes it does not necessarily does not mean ones that are my size. I mean ones that use short, in between, tall, skinny, fat, or curvy. Sometimes we have no choice in the matter. Just because a store carries my size or makes headlines with hashtags that you think are representing everyone in my opinion they really are not. Those hashtags are their to advertise for your money for attention. For example, how many times have you seen customers question a certain brand only to be given the same answer over and over or, just received a rude response back. Yet you still are shopping there. That is your choice but, when you continue to support the same people who support them and work for them; they will continue to thrive as a business. Why not support brands that really are out there that support body positiveness and are not afraid to be different because being the same is boring.

First, one that I have been a customer for many years is Pinup Girl Clothing. Laura Byrnes has been designing for a long time and she has been for all sizes as well. I have been following her since the Myspace days when I had no money lol. I wanted everything. If she is reading this can you bring some things back now that I have money for it, haha! She has been using models that are not the standard either. Some have tattoos, some are short, some are spoons, and even apple shaped. Another great thing is she has all kinds of events for pin ups too that anyone can participate in. You do not need to be a standard anything.

Another one that caught my eye is Eloquii. The first time I seen these fashions is when my favorite blogger From Rez to the City posted an outfit she was wearing. She is always so classy and stylish, posts home decorations too. I would follow her on all social media outlets if possible. Anyway, this brand is not afraid to promote women in larger sizes as when they sent me their flyer a few weeks ago their was a plus size woman who was definitely not the plus size model standard it was great really. I have a couple of skirts from them that I adore.

Another thing to do is look for models that are close to your stats that brands use in their campaigns. Okay now it is hard to say what their actual size is due to photoshop, what their agency is telling them to post for their measurement and size, and what have you. People make such a huge deal about it, that “OMG they are liars!” but truth is everyone in this industry does it just deal and focus on you. All in all if a brand is using someone that you think that close to in size or shape go for it. Usually, I go for someone like Alex LaRosa or Olivia Campbell even though I am not like them in the top part of the body department if they can wear it I usually think I can too and will probably lean towards buying it if someone uses them as a model.

Alex LaRosa has worked for many brands now and she is really going there. Always peeking in to see what she is up too. She started with Sealed with a Kiss which carries some great convertible dresses. Furthermore, she has worked with ModCloth which lets see last year I have become addicted to. Their jeans are the best ever. Of course Torrid has done some work with her too. Lastly, Ashely Stewart has been doing some great campaigns with her in which she looks amazingly stunning.

Olivia Campbell, oh gosh I wish more people would start using her and I think she was finally signed. Her boudoir photos are always beautifully done. She is overseas but, when she did her Monif C. campaign it was amazing. Monif C. is not afraid to use models that are not standard and we can sit here all day and list the models were not standard. All of her campaigns have slayed plus size life. In my opinion it is because she thinks out of the box instead of in it. This was the first one I seen that gave me life and I thought wow I can be big and beautiful really I can. Thanks Monif C, if you are reading this. Someday if something I want does not run out so fast I will have it, I promise!

Last year, Rebdolls had blogger Garner Style model some of her designs of the holiday season. Rebdolls has some cute basics t-shirts, dresses, and skirts for affordable prices. I am bumbed when I find something and they sell out in my size. Great thing is they sell all sizes so do not think they just sell plus size only. In the summer, you can also find some great swimsuits and separates too.

Lastly, as I have ordered from this store before Curvaceous Boutique. I am not sure what size her models are but, I do know that they are not like every other plus size campaign. Not all the models are super young as what I usually see in most campaigns so it makes me feel like I am buying clothes suited for my age I guess. Plus, when I lived in NYC I did more going out and shoots so I was more apt to shop here. Not sure they sell this dress anymore but, I will not ever let it go.

There are brands that will represent by using social media to showcase their fashions but they still use standard models in their campaigns or sometimes they do castings but still have the same models. Hmmmm… With all this being said, there is still a lot of work to do. Maybe there are more brands out there that I did not mention that use larger models or models of all sizes, well give them a shout out I have a comment section. However, as consumers we tend to complain about the same things that brands do yet we still spend money there. Sometimes when we are petite (I say petite as my mother is) or plus size we have no choice but, other times we do so just do not support the brands that do not support you and go elsewhere.

This write up came about when a brand supported a person that made posts about me and other plus size women being unhealthy and unattractive due to our sizes, yet when I shouted out the brand about it they made excuses that their models were plus size (which is a common occurrence and response with them; I never mentioned their models and I have no problems with model sizes), that they do not research posts, and that they only respond to positive postings towards them. Who ever runs their Facebook and Twitter has bad customer service skills and seems to have the attitude that I must be a nuisance to their day because this company has so much money they do not care about me this one customer that they lose. Which is the common way customer service works now in which is something that I would of never of gotten away with in retail back in the day or in my career now dealing with people. It was just another reason not to shop there and yet another reason for me to make a post about brands that use models of all sizes.





Dare to Prepare

After I feel like a complete FAIL after attending the Pinup Girl Clothing   (PUG) Parade at Disneyland over the weekend just because…

I would have thought things out better. First, I am much used to preparing for dance related events in which I know how to keep my makeup on and deal with sweat but, when it came to my hair and outfit not so much. Usually, with dance my hair has been one way either down, with a head band, or up in a bun. I had gotten use to the fact that my hair would be gorgeous looking in the beginning and then would end up flat after a few dances since I sweat so much from my head.

Makeup was easy. Okay, okay if you find a brand that works for you and apply a lot of it stays on. Honestly, my face has changed over the years since I went from being in my twenties to thirty-nine so my makeup strategies have had to change without the help of a makeup and hair stylist. Always have to change the type and brand of makeup to go with the flow of agin. My makeup lasted all day except for my E.L.F eyelashes that fell off once those California winds started blowing.

Then, my hair. I took the time out a week before practicing the hairstyle I wanted to do because I wanted to do something different from what I had done in photo shoots I had done that were Pinup related. My hair is not like it was in these pictures. My hair was in the humidity of New York City and not colored. Plus, since these are photo shoots I was indoors, not outside for a long tie, or not moving around much. I did do a pinup shoot outside at the beach once and did the smart thing of wearing a scarf over which turned out cute. Now after a decade it has some sparkle (gray hairs), I live in the dry desert of the Southwest, and I decided to have it highlighted last year. Most recently I went to a stylist that made it damaged so it is really dry and well I thought easier to manage for .



Another thing was my outfit. With dance I usually have a bodystocking that is fairly comfortable and made for my body. I guess too I had become use to wearing them that they just had become a staple in my wardrobe like wearing tights. Plus, bodystockings that are worn in dance or at least the ones that I purchase take weeks to make as they are custom so they fit extremely well making them comfortable. With this being said, with Pinup I was not really interested in having to wear shapewear or having to wear a corset all day long at a theme park to make my outfit fit well or look good. It was also a mission to find an outfit that I could wear on a regular basis like to work or out and that was comfortable. I went with the Deadly Dames Jailbird Top by PUG, a wide belt by Torrid, and the Philomena Skirt by Rue 107.

There was a photographer at the event so if the photo posts before my chaos I will update the blog. You can check out my Instagram for photos.

Everything was great until we started our drive to Disney. The bumpy highway caused my hair started to fall even though I pinned and sprayed it. Once I got outside the wind started blowing and my hair started to fall. At the entrance, I got to the bathroom only to discover that there were no mirrors. Assuming that the whole park had no mirrors, I made my husband hold my small pocket mirror every time my hair fell. Then, the eyelashes started flying off. No way was I going to keep fixing them so they went right in the trash.  Furthermore, I thought I would be saved from not wearing shapewear but boom it was that time of the month and I ended up being shaped like a P’apple by noon in which my belt started to get tight.

P’apple  – the shape of a pear and an apple.

So now my belt was being swallowed by my back and butt. With my hyperextension of my knees I always look pregnant, just picture this in your mind. Eventually, I could not take it,  gave up, and threw my black denim jacket back on in the heat. That was not a bad thing either because I did not realize I was starting to get sunburned because I forgot about the sunscreen. It was terrible Pinup wearing experience. However, I learned something.

Next time, if there is one I need to make sure that I use sunscreen. I have a terrible sunburn on my shoulders and my scalp. Even this Polynesian babe burns. This could coincide with my hair either do something simple that can last with any weather and wear a hat or a scarf to cover. I mean I have plenty of hats for Pinup! Plus, I noticed some of the pinups had parasols which is another great idea. Just like shapewear, I cannot do belts. Like I am sure with others my waist changes through out the day or during times of the month. It just is what it is. Not sure if it is because most of my daily wardrobe consists of scrubs, yoga, and dancewear but my body was just saying no.

The things I did do great was my makeup, I bought some great chub rub underwear and shoes. I used Lorac foundation, which I must say is great for my thirty-nine year old visible pore and combination skin. Just had to top it off  with E.L.F. translucent loose powder. Plus, my feet were well taken care of. My day job as a Registered Nurse I am on my feet for hours at a time so I know I cannot wear dressy shoes to be comfortable when it comes to walking around. So I wore glitter Toms, with white ankle socks, and I had no issues.

All in all I was extremely excited that I seen some familiar faces, scored a grab bag, seen some ideas for next time, and of course experienced my second Disneyland vacation!






Unders for Thick Thighs review

A few months ago I decided to attend the Pin Up Parade that was held by Pinup Girl Clothing at Disneyland over the weekend. I knew that like most events that I have attended that required some kind of dressing up I would be “uncomfortable” that I would need to purchase some new undergarments.  One of the problems I did not want to deal with as a plus size woman is the chub rub. I could do what I usually do and wear control top pantyhose but, I knew I wanted to spend the whole day at Disney so that was not going to do especially that sometimes chub rub can still commence wearing panythose. Furthermore, being that Disneyland is in Southern California the weather can be unpredictable. It would be best for me not to have to wear something I could be wet in or too hot in.

It was by accident when looking for shapewear that was either highwaisted panties or shorts I found Undersummers Shortlettes on Amazon. My only other option was Spanx in which I was not too excited to spend $100, be squeezed in all day, picking and torturing myself when I had to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I feel like wearing shapewear but, on days in which I will be walking and active I rather not. The other option, was these lace bands that reminded me of thigh highs without the pantyhose attached in which the photos that women posted just did not sit right with me. I mean I wear thigh highs for fun or shoots but not for all day type events.

The Undersummer Shortlettes on Amazon come only in simple colors but, the reviews on Amazon were fitting. Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get these shorts fairly quickly because they come in two days. During the parade I was very comfortable. The Undersummer Shortlettes are lightweight, have a cotton lined crotch so you do not need to wear panties underneath, perfect for weather in the nineties, breathable, they did not ride up, the size charts were correct with my measurements, and no chub rub. The only downside for some is that these are not suitable for short skirts or dresses. For me I am 39, and just do not do anything really above my knee anymore. Their website has a better selection than Amazon and I am sure I will be ordering more for future use.


Keep It Real

OK so the ever lasting age of thirty-nine has hit me over the weekend and although I seem to think that I do not look my age, I feel that well hello I am not twenty-two anymore. Sigh… those were the days. Obviously. Sometimes I do find the need to get some fillers to my expression lines because I did not pursue the bitch face necessary to avoid them, lol.

In my opinion, there is not secret to the Fountain of Youth same in which I feel the way bodies look and think genetics play an important role in what people look like. The women in my mother’s side of my family look at least a decade or younger than their age. My father’s side look even younger than this.

As for body shape we already went over this if you read my previous posts. I just do not know. Now I am going to tell you that this did not stop me from getting stretch marks during puberty, pregnancies, weight loss, and weight gains. When people tell me I did not lotion enough and all this other old wives tale BS, they just do not know me that well. However, I do not have a c-section scar. Not sure what that is about.

Anyway, ever since I was a child skin care was taught to me. Washing my face in the a.m. and at bedtime was just as important as brushing and flossing my teeth. When I started wearing makeup it had to be removed before bedtime. Plus, I apply lotion after every shower or bath as well. It had come to a point that if I try not to lotion my skin will feel tight that I have to lotion anyway.

A trick that my mother told me was to use facial lotion that was for someone who is older than you. In my twenties, when I had no lines I started using face cream that was meant for women in their thirties or lotions that targeted fine lines. Now I use face creams that are to target deep lines. Hopes this makes some sense. Applying lotion, cleanser, or makeup to my face is done gently. When applying lotion to the eyelids take pat the eyelids. When applying lotion to the neck do it in a gentle upstroke. Sometimes these makeup tutorials kill me with all the pulling at the eyelids and under eye area. I just can’t!!!


So let’s get started, shall we…. 

Right now my skin is a combination of oily in the t-zone and normal/dry everywhere else. I have occasional acne a few times a year. I do not pop my pimples EVER. The only lines at this stage in my life are expression lines on my forehead and from smiling from my nose to mouth. My eyebrow area gets threaded every three weeks and my upper lip sadly gets threaded every two months. Currently, I have not been wearing make up due to lack of shoot and performances. Maybe now I just wear a couples time a year. If this changes I will love myself because I do love makeup. Just saying. 

When I wake up and before bedtime, I like to use Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming Foam Cleanser, as my face tends to get red when I touch it too much so this prevents this. Sometimes I will use Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser if they are out of the other one. They are pretty good at removing makeup but, I still have to use eye makeup remover and a wash cloth for my face. My favorite is Avon’s Eye Makeup Remover Lotion and some Jumbo size cotton balls from CVS. Best one yet. Works great on lipstick too.

Sometimes, twice a week I do use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to my face, neck, and upper chest area. As for a toner, I only use before bedtime to my face and my neck. Right now I am using Boots Botanic Shine Away Toner. To reduce lines, under circles, and puffiness I always use eye cream as I work the overnights. Right now I am enjoying Boots No7 Restore & Renew Eye cream. Furthermore, I started getting into using a serum just because using Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum. For this desert dryness it does the extra trick for the needed moisture in my dry spots. Boots was working well out I started using their Lift & Luminate Night Cream too.

Previously, I was using Avon’s Anew products which I adored but, after moving I did not have an Avon lady anymore and ended up with an Ulta membership. I had been using their products for twenty years. There sets are pretty affordable I would only have to spend $50 that would include eye cream, day time lotion, and night time lotion and it would last a year. Still using their Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF25 which I purchased over a year ago in one of those sets.

When I was a teenager my skin was much oilier, I had acne more often, and I wore makeup every single day. My regimen was similar except I used Noxzema, Seabreeze astringent, (do they even sell this anymore?), and Oil of Olay for lotion. At the time SPF really was not important as it is today so I suggest if you are a teenager reading this that you look for a light lotion that has SPF in it.

As for my body I swear by Lever 2000. I wash my neck with soap and a wash cloth and do not think facial cleansers are strong enough to clean this area but, I will use facial scrubs, body scrubs, or body washes from time to time. My favorite body wash is Dove. They are so good that sometimes I do not even have to lotion my skin after I shower. That is a plus after a long shift at work. Their soaps can work too if I get bored with Lever 200o.  Plus their scents are relaxing. When time permits I do like to make my own body scrubs that can be used from neck to toe and reduce the time to lotion. You can find some simple recipes in my Beautify Pinterest List.

As for body lotions, I use several types depending on the season. Right now I am into Gold Bond lotion with this desert dryness it is a must. Last summer was the first summer I was here in a long time so I will probably have to search for a new liking when it starts getting hot here. Currently, for fun scented lotions I am really into Ulta’s Bath and Body selections as their scents are not too strong for the work environment and they have a light gel lotion that will work for the hot days. When I lived in the Northeast I was really into Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion collection as it was light for the summer or Palmer’s collections as it was thick for the winter.

Avon’s Skin So Soft, Moisture Therapy, Planet Spa, or Mark Body were some other favorites. I use to be in love with Victoria’s Secret body sets but, since they do not have the time to make lingerie in my size I do not have the time to spend money there. Just dropping a two cents on that one.


Well back to the topic. It is ever too late to start with skin care.

Hey it is great to do something nice and take care of ourselves.