It’s that time!

There is really only time a year that I want to indulge in all lingerie goodies.

Valentine’s Day!!!


Being that I love the colors pink and red could be why. Hearts and cherubs, lace and glitter, and chocolate are other reasons.

Plus many of your favorite stores will definitely have some kind of sale or new item that you truly desire.

I have some pieces that I have found over the years during this time that were keepers. You can read My Favorite Lingerie Shops that still stands true to this day. Until most recently I have some dream finds that I would love.

Hips & Curves

They are currently having a sale. Well they are always having sales. If you sign up for their email they usually have some pretty good deals on Tuesdays. In regards to Valentine’s Day shopping you can get your order in time by ordering as late at 02/13/2018 by 10 a.m. EST.  That is pretty good. It is kind of hard to pick just one for Valentine’s Day. But, I chose Plus Size Allover Stretch Lace Halter Chemise With Strappy Back. If red is not your cup of tea, they also have this in pink, turquoise, and black. It also includes a thong. All for $25.95





They have been improving every year with their selections. Now they have a credit card, a rewards club, and sales almost every single day. There is no way you would have to pay full price for anything. I am really liking their bralettes. This Longline Bralette & High Waist Panty are my pick. Not to mention this set is modeled by the new  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Tabria Majors.


Lane Bryant

Another brand that has some great selections during any holiday season. They have been having some more revealing finds too. You do not have to spend full price either. They always have sales and a credit card that offers rewards. I am especially excited that I found they have Sequin Heart Pasties and Lace Front Bow Back Panties

  Playful Promises Curve

 I have heard of this brand before. Although I never really checked them out until GabiFresh was featured as a designer. They have some beautiful pieces. I especially enjoy the Marlene Lilac 1/4 cup Bra with lace curve and the Marlene Wine 1/4 cup Bra with lace curve.  They look especially lovely with the Matilde Nipple Tassles. Unfortunately, they do not have the matching panties in a size larger than a US 20 and their bras only go up to a 42 band. Nothing wrong with mix and matching.



Another brand I have utilized. Their bras provide ample coverage and I feel are the most quality I have purchased. I was also excited when they came out with a collection featuring the popular Valentine colors. This one is called Matilda Flame featuring the beautiful Denise Bidot.



After doing a search looking for plus size lingerie I was surprised I found Eloqui. I know they have been updating their brand to have swimwear and have included some wedding fashion but, did not know they also carried lingerie sets. This another brand that frequently has sales and a rewards membership. I do have a couple of their skirts that are one of the best in quality. This set is a Lacy Babydoll with a serious wow factor featuring the gorgeous Anita Marshall.

City Chic

Been following them for a long while but, after received an email about their outlet I became a customer. They frequently have sales and you can also buy this brand in other chains. I was really impressed. Such beautiful quality. I am really interested in some of their bra and panty sets. They also sell some of the Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection pieces. The Taylor Plunge Contour Bra and Panty would be perfect for V-Day.



Yours Clothing

Known for their affordable plus size fashions based in the UK, they have really been stepping their game up on what is available. I am not sure how long they have had their lingerie section but they really have some affordable finds. They even have some popular brands too, 2 bra packs, and sets. You have to really act fact in this store and don’t procrastinate or it will be gone before you know it! I am really loving the Black & Pink Underwired Multiway Bra with Frill Detail and Removable Straps with the matching Briefs with Detatchable suspendersBlack_Pink_Underwired_Multiway_Bra_With_Frill_Detail_And_Removable_Straps_101414_626f

ASOS Curve

Another one of my favorites. Asos curve sells their own brand on top of some popular ones too. They are also based in the UK but in my opinion, their shipping is pretty fast. They also sell out of sizes quickly. I am really loving their Vedette Velvet & Lace Padded Bra Set (bra sold out in my size – sad face).




Don’t forget about the store that has everything. The greatest thing about Amazon is that when you have a Prime membership you get it in a day or two. You can save on Amazon Prime if you are a student by putting you student email in. Also, having a credit card has more perks. Both their Visa and Store Card have cash back programs. Anyway, I did not know their were some quality lingerie items instead I started seeing plus size models getting them off of their wish lists. Make sure when ordering like with any brand to check size charts because many of items that are on their can run small. I am really liking the Curbigals Women’s Floral Crotchless Bodystocking Plus Size Open Crotch Fishnet Lingerie.  the price of $9.90 and that it goes up to a 4X!


Forever 21

I am a fan of their swimwear. I have two suits for a couple of years. This means I really do trust their quality and their price is so right. They do go by mostly junior sizes but, they do sell brands that are not. They have some really cute mesh bralettes especially, like the Plus Size Sequin Heart Mesh Bralette.



I have been shopping at Rainbow Shops since I was a preteen. They have always had all sizes and some stores even sell children’s sizes. Their prices are super affordable. Plus, I have had some items in my closet for years. They do keep up with trends and unless you have a local store in your area you might find that their fashions sell out fast online. The Plus Size Floral Long Line Lace Bra and panty are super pretty something I would definitely wear for Valentine’s even if it is not red or pink.



Another place I have been shopping at since forever is Spencer’s. It use to be the place (if you are my age) that your mother dreaded going in. It has your favorite band t-shirts, posters, and black light decor for that first apartment lol. They started showcasing the beauty Ashley Alexiss which means plus size lingerie and clothing! This Plus Size Floral Lace Chemise is right up my alley! download (1)


Addition Elle

This is another brand that carries Ashley Graham’s Lingerie Collection and has bra and panty set finds. The new Ashley Graham Babydoll comes in soft pink and black. In all honesty it also looks comfortable. You can also mix and match her designs. This particular lingerie comes up to a 4X. However, her panties come up to a 3X. Bras go up to a 44DD.


Simply Be

This is another popular UK brand that has been catering to plus size fashion for some time. They also sell popular brands. Mostly bra and panty sets they do offer some lingerie items such as bodysuits or chemise. This Figleaves Curve Wildife Embroidered Multiway Bra and Briefs seriously caught my attention. It comes in Black too which is also a stunning find.

Fashion Nova Curve

This place has really been doing things. If you are on Instagram and follow some plus size bloggers you already know. If you cannot get a coupon on a site be sure to look up your favorite blogger who wears this fashion they will surely have on for you to use. Everything is really affordable on this sight. They offer a trendy variety. Seriously, wish they were around when I was younger. They have a ton of options bodysuits, teddies, sets but this Love Me Forever Gown is just everything!


This designer’s brand name says it all. I have always liked the nude fishnets embellished with crystals especially, the ones Rihanna wore with her Carnival costume. When I seen a posting of hers on Twitter I am hooked! Her designs are literally made for the stars. When you get there you might get disappointed with her size selection but, she does do custom. Just email her and ask. I know that one day I will have one or several of her beauties. Note it does take time to receive as her items are made by hand but, you could gift yourself one. This is one of my favorites called “Toxic”.


Other items you can find custom of course are on Etsy and there are lingerie designers that will make for plus size lingerie. If you do not see your size it does not hurt to ask. Cocos Retro Closet is where I have been looking. She has some classic retro looking lingerie. This Red Ruby Long Line Garter Belt is just fantastic. She sells her lingerie in different colors too so you can mix and match to your desire.

Well I hope you enjoyed my 2018 Valentine’s Day plus size lingerie wish list.



Fashion Shopping Online

When you live in a place that has limited fashions to choose from buying online is essential. These days I find there is much variety shopping on the Internet. Sometimes I find fashion by accident either by scrolling on Instagram or they follow me on Social Media. My mother was a catalog shopper back in the day. It was taught early on how to shop long distance. Plus, I learned to sew when taking home economics in high school, knowing all of my measurements in order to make fashions for myself was important especially, when buying patterns. Buying online is something I have to do most of the time because some of my favorite designers and stores I can only buy from online due to their location. Finally, I found that when I do go in store they do not have the same benefits as they do online.


Know your measurements. I basically know my bust, underbust, waist, hips, and inseam when shopping online. Sometimes you might need measurements for other parts of the body especially for custom fit. You also need to take your bodytype into account. This is why some brands fit others differently and why sizes vary. For example, everyone’s waist and hips are in a different area and most go by the smallest part of your waist and the fullest part of your hip. You can find plenty of information on how to measure and some stores will have their own way. Considering myself as an example some will say go 8″ down from my waist. Due to the fact that my waist is considerably high if I go 8″ down to measure my hips, it isn’t going to be the fullest part of my hips. Another tip I use for my waist is to measure the area that bends when you lean to the side. If I went at my belly button it would not be accurate. If you are doing this yourself to stand in front of a body length mirror to make sure the tape is in the right location.


Eventually, when buying from a designer or brand often enough you know how their items will fit your body and which do not.  I find most stores go buy an hourglass shape. My shape is a between an apple and a pear which means that not everything is going to fit like advertised. The model in the advertisement has different measurements, they have the item pinned on them, padding added on, or they could have been photoshopped, or the fit model that they made the design against is not my shape.




It is important to read the size chart! I cannot stress this enough. If they do not have one, I am not going to buy from them. Trust me they are out there. Just because they list the size you wear does not mean it will fit. This is why I cringe when fashions are promoted for selling ALL sizes when their size charts say otherwise. What I learned stores that cater to trendy looks will be different from a store that cater to classic looks. Usually, stores have Junior, Junior Plus, Petite, Tall, Misses, Women, or Plus Size. An item that is Junior will have smaller measurements than an item that is Women. Plus the length of clothes such as Petite or Tall are going to have different measurements. If I buy clothes that are Tall I find they fit bigger so I might have to size down. Some have their own measurements especially, if it is from an independent designer.




All these tips can also be applied to men too! 


Sometimes the right unders can change the shape of your body to make things fit correctly such as bras, corsets, shapewear, or hosiery. I know that some of my pin up style dresses I need to wear a corset in order to get it over my waist. Or, the dress that is too big on the top works well with a push up bra. The plus side of buying lingerie is that most stores will measure you for the right fit!

However, do not go too tight… 


Shopping online does not have to be expensive. If I want the item right away because I know it will be sold out I will buy it full price. Sometimes waiting for a sale you could lose out but, I have other priorities in where my money goes which I am sure other do too. Most of the time I take advantage of sales when I buy something.  Signing up for sale notifications by opening an online account or email with the store also can have priority over people who do not use this feature. Another way is to follow the brand on social media. Many will post upcoming sales in their thread. It helps to have a credit card with a store too because they give even more discounts. Thrifting is another option where you can save. I know I donate my used clothes to Savers.  When you do they give you a coupon to buy from them at a discount. You can even thrift online such as Etsy or Facebook Groups.



Following fashion bloggers with your similar body shape or measurements can be a benefit because they will post outfits or clothes that they enjoy wearing. Some will post what they did or did not like about the item. Although in the blogging world bad reviews are cringed upon and some are paid to promote products. Lately, some bloggers have been designing their own fashions and even designing for other brands.

You could Google about the brand to see what others experienced or you could read reviews of the item. However, I purchased some expensive yoga pants that claimed they did not roll when exercising and that they were made for all body shapes. Unfortunately, it was not true. My review was not posted all the positive ones were. I also have bought from an independent designer in which I received the item months later. Does not help when you order something in the winter and it arrives in the spring where it is already 80 degrees here.


Online shopping for your fashions does not have to be a negative experience.  Just like any online shopping if you educate yourself it can be a positive one. Sure there will be some bumps in the road. Make sure to check out return information because some do not accept returns, you end up paying the shipping costs to return, and some will take a percentage. Learning how to sew can help because you can tailor it yourself if there are mishaps. Of course if you really want the item you can always bring it to a seamstress or tailor.

Happy Shopping!


Work Lingerie

If you did not know I am a RN for my day job. I work in Critical Care. On a slow night I walk 6K steps and on a busy night I walk up to 20K steps! Finding lingerie that is pretty for an active job isn’t easy. Some wear sports bras as this job can be a workout but, I only like wearing them when I am actually exercising. With the lifting and moving around it can get hot and down right sweaty.

Over the years I have found that a cotton bra and panties work best. I would find most of these at Walmart which was okay but, I was out of luck if my size ran out or if the style was discontinued. Plus, they really did not last long. Lastly, they only come in neutral colors which is great if you NEED to wear a white uniform. Where I work I wear navy uniforms so I can play around with different options.

Last summer, I purchased some of Lane Bryant’s cotton no wire bras. They always have Buy One Get 50% off sales on their bras which does not break the bank. Theses bras lasted, had a vast selection of colors, and were supportive. On the other hand, when I was super active they rode up and dug into my sides in which I found myself adjusting the bra too often. After caving in to get a Lane Bryant credit card I decided to find something different. My first purchase was their cooling no wire bra. I thought of all the countless times I was hot at work “cooling” sounded appealing. Plus the color was something I like. However, the slippery material slid and dug into my sides worse than the cotton version did. Neither were a waste as I could wear them on the days I was not so active.


Next, I bought the cotton full coverage bra. I must say it doesn’t dig and fits fab. It even has some cute color combos and options. I will definitely will be buying more and maybe trying different styles like their cotton t-shirt bra or cotton plunge bra.


As for panties I usually buy what people might call “granny panties”. I am not really into the high thigh as I feel I am still hanging out. Sorry but I just don’t find wearing silk or lace panties an option. Once I tried wearing shapewear at work it was not comfortable. Thongs no way! I am way too active at work. To each their own, I would never wear something that nice working out why would I wear it to work?

First, I tried their high waist but they only come in Polyester type material. They fit great but, they are too silky for work. At the time they had more color selections. Now it seems they only have nude and a teal. Maybe they can make a cotton option but not sure how the fit would be.


However any of their cotton panties are do able. I would wear a hipster design as my scrub pants are usually have a lower rise. Again, they have great prints and color combos that coordinate with their bras. Lane Bryant usually sells them for five panties for $35. When I spend $10 on a package of cotton panties they usually do not last as long as these do.


Wish I could make some more references to other brands that make cotton underwear but, I just have not found a great selection as of yet. When I do I will update this post.