After moving to a new place and with my job having me to move around I just do not feel like getting out. Over the years I have seem to become more introverted. Lately, I rather stay home then get out and do things. It has not been easy losing mostly all my friends especially, when I am not to cool with the whole Facebook thing to keep in touch. It was different when I lived out East I was either here or there so I was use to it. I was pretty active. Everything was either a short drive or subway away. Even if I was having one of my depression episodes.


When I moved to the Southwest things changed. For the first few months, I did have a gym membership and dance classes available to me which I utilized. Then, I had to leave the area where there was nothing available to me that sometimes includes space where I am living or even the location of where I live. Then, LIFE which started having car problems so driving somewhere far was not feasible. Finally, I did not want to have to start somewhere new only to meet new people and then leave them again. This did not make my depression any better sitting around moping about my life not working out. The only moving I had been getting was yoga challenges on Instagram and well work where I get my steps in.


Currently, I am staying here for a while much to my dismay in order to get my career in focus and finish school already. Still California dreaming. There is a small gym in the complex. Hence, I was not getting there either. The fear of getting there to find the one machine that they have available taken was not cool. Plus, ugh… I am so bored with gym equipment. I was supposed to hook up with a coworker to do Crossfit as it is a different gym atmosphere than I am bored with but, I took a permanent position at another hospital so we lost contact. Hoping that I get to Crossift as I bought my knee sleeves and wrist wraps.

Sigh, introvert problems…


Anyhow, I have a ton of Beachbody DVD’s. Some of them are too easy and then some I get bored. They just end up sitting on the shelf. However, Shaun T’s Insanity and Fifteen minute trainer are great if you are just starting out or if you are a novice. They have a demand channel but the reviews are iffy and it is kind of expensive. Although, when I did them I lost weight and then when I got bored guess what I gained back. This time I was noticing in my yoga challenge photos.


In the past, I had saved workouts on my Youtube. I use to just play it on my laptop and follow along. My last apartment I was able to do some in the bedroom. I even used PowHow once and ordered some classes with Sadie Marquardt. Unfortunately, it was a routine and not what I was looking for at the time. It was not really giving me a workout. Probably because when you are a dance for almost two decades you have to add-on more to dance. However, if I was actively in classes and performing I think this is great. They do have some personal and fitness trainers on there but, I was not looking to spend anymore money. They are so right that the weight loss industry is booming.

Lots of excuses I know but, there has to be someone out there like me who will find this informative… and know that I am struggling with you… 


I can’t just sit here though… it is not good for my pysche or let alone my body… Working out is just another way for me to destress. With my disorder and my job I exercise is really important to my life. With my family history if someone is not moving well you do not live long.



Now that I have moved into my own place I remembered that I have the app on my TV!!! So I started with some ballet lessons with Kathryn Morgan. This ballerina had to stop working but, she made it a point to keep going and do her own thing. I actually found her on PowHow and somehow found her on Youtube. Her videos not only help ballerinas but, they are full of warm ups and drills for the post ballerina. I had not taken a formal ballet class for some time now so it was a positive experience to do something. Once I settle down with my new work schedule I will be taking ballet and bellydance for sure! With that being said I have work to do!

Then, I had a video saved from womensworkoutchannel. This channel is mostly geared for women looking to have a bigger rear but, the workouts are short and really intense. Great for the days you do not have much time, or you want to mix your workouts up. My bumb and thighs hurt for two days after! After the first day I could not move too much so I did some yoga with Kino. I have done some of her yoga challenges on Instagram in the past. The difference between me doing my own yoga and following someone else is that I do poses that I can do easily which is not very challenging. This way she incoporated poses I won’t do in my yoga challenges.

Finally, I kept searching and found Popsugar Fitness videos. Can we get a YAS? They have EVERYTHING! The other day I did a 30 minutes cardio session and I was pooped. I only hurt for one day probably because I had to do the modified version of some of them. Will be doing this more often.

Well if you are like me who has problems getting it in…


..there are still things you can do without having to leave the house.

Find something you like. Pinterest and Tumblr  has some nifty workout memes you can do without instruction. If you cannot find it, Google it! Of course if you get bored change it up. There are plenty of pay for options out there. If you have a DVD you enjoyed in the past or that are no longer for sale can be on Youtube.  Furthermore, some people have their own channels that you can utilize for free.




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