Work Lingerie

If you did not know I am a RN for my day job. I work in Critical Care. On a slow night I walk 6K steps and on a busy night I walk up to 20K steps! Finding lingerie that is pretty for an active job isn’t easy. Some wear sports bras as this job can be a workout but, I only like wearing them when I am actually exercising. With the lifting and moving around it can get hot and down right sweaty.

Over the years I have found that a cotton bra and panties work best. I would find most of these at Walmart which was okay but, I was out of luck if my size ran out or if the style was discontinued. Plus, they really did not last long. Lastly, they only come in neutral colors which is great if you NEED to wear a white uniform. Where I work I wear navy uniforms so I can play around with different options.

Last summer, I purchased some of Lane Bryant’s cotton no wire bras. They always have Buy One Get 50% off sales on their bras which does not break the bank. Theses bras lasted, had a vast selection of colors, and were supportive. On the other hand, when I was super active they rode up and dug into my sides in which I found myself adjusting the bra too often. After caving in to get a Lane Bryant credit card I decided to find something different. My first purchase was their cooling no wire bra. I thought of all the countless times I was hot at work “cooling” sounded appealing. Plus the color was something I like. However, the slippery material slid and dug into my sides worse than the cotton version did. Neither were a waste as I could wear them on the days I was not so active.


Next, I bought the cotton full coverage bra. I must say it doesn’t dig and fits fab. It even has some cute color combos and options. I will definitely will be buying more and maybe trying different styles like their cotton t-shirt bra or cotton plunge bra.


As for panties I usually buy what people might call “granny panties”. I am not really into the high thigh as I feel I am still hanging out. Sorry but I just don’t find wearing silk or lace panties an option. Once I tried wearing shapewear at work it was not comfortable. Thongs no way! I am way too active at work. To each their own, I would never wear something that nice working out why would I wear it to work?

First, I tried their high waist but they only come in Polyester type material. They fit great but, they are too silky for work. At the time they had more color selections. Now it seems they only have nude and a teal. Maybe they can make a cotton option but not sure how the fit would be.


However any of their cotton panties are do able. I would wear a hipster design as my scrub pants are usually have a lower rise. Again, they have great prints and color combos that coordinate with their bras. Lane Bryant usually sells them for five panties for $35. When I spend $10 on a package of cotton panties they usually do not last as long as these do.


Wish I could make some more references to other brands that make cotton underwear but, I just have not found a great selection as of yet. When I do I will update this post.


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