Ever since I was a little girl my mother always was creative with Halloween costuming. She did not have a sewing machine so some of her ideas were made by hand. Her ideas came from magazines and a dancewear store that listed ideas that could be created from a simple dance leotard. My mother was never into the plastic masks and costumes that were available to children in the eighties. She would never cave when I wanted one. At first, I hated it because sometimes you want to be apart of the crowd but, it really got me to be creative and love the preparation involved of getting ready for Halloween. When I became a dancer and model I was able to use much of my wardrobe that otherwise would have gone to waste.

With this being said, you really don’t have to spend much to make your Halloween costume idea come to life no matter what your size. Truthfully, for years as a plus size woman it was really difficult for me to find a costume. Even though plus size fashion and selection have changed for the better, I do not want to be seen with another person having the same costume or only get to wear it once. Therefore, using clothes that you that you already have in your wardrobe such as a corset, leggings, or a little black dress is sometimes all you need. If you need additional pieces you can always make or buy them and you can buy a regular item of clothing that you can wear regularly. If you can sew or have a sewing machine, and are crafty even better. This of course depends on what you are making as sewing can be expensive. Thrift stores are another option to find clothing or accessories without breaking the bank.

Finding ideas can be simple as searching the Internet. Pinterest  is my go to website as many users upload tutorials on Halloween costuming. My folder that I look back to: Halloweenie.

Another place for Halloween related ideas is YouTube, especially makeup and hair tutorials. My favorite makeup blogger is Julia Graf. She always has some great ideas for Halloween season and other popular looks. I actually followed her Dark Fairy tutorial for this look one year.


Another blogger that I used for my hair is Iris J. She has many pin up looks. My hair at the time was long, if it wasn’t for her I would of never been able to perfect my victory roll. She also has makeup tutorials in which I followed her tutorial on Dia de los muertos.


Furthermore, if you follow your favorite brands they usually have a costume lookbooks posted as early as September. My favorite to look out for is Hips and Curves Halloween lookbook as their ideas stem from using a corset as the base and their accessories can be affordable. If you do not own a corset look for their weekly flash sales weekly by following them on their social media outlets or sign up for their newsletter. Furthermore, if you do purchase anything from their apparel or lingerie selection you surely will be able to wear them again and again.

On the topic of corsets they can be expensive especially if they are real or custom. Although you can find sales or clearance sections that will significantly decrease the cost. However, if you buy one for $20 like this one below but, it won’t last as long as and might not give you the look you are seeking. I find that they are perfect if you are going to wear them a few times. This one I purchased on EBAY years ago.


Orchard Corset, sells corsets that use metal which are sturdy thus gives the hourglass shape. You could also get creative and add the accessories you want because they sell solid colors and different material textures.


Torrid has their own Halloween selection in which you can purchase apparel that can be utilized in your daily wardrobe, accessories, or full costumes. If you are looking to incorporate pin up looks Pin Up Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage have fantastic Halloween costume ideas. Especially, if you attend the Pin Up Girl Parade or Dapper Day at Disneyland. Finally, if you are a bellydancer like myself Bellydance.com also released their Halloween ideas. The tights that I have in my photos were all from We Love Colors. They carry a selection of tights in every color including stripes, fishnet, and tiedye. Futhermore, they have coordinating apparel. If your ideas stem from a leotard,  You Go Girl Dancewear has a selection of dancewear such as leotards, dance tights, and other accessories for an affordable price.

Etsy is one place that you can find anything for Halloween. Not only will it support small business owners but, it will give you something elaborate. Be aware that if you plan on having anything custom or if you are ordering a whole costume, that it will take the designer time and needs to be ordered well in advance. Some designers have Halloween policies because their orders are increased for the season. My favorite designers on Etsy that I would dream to order a costume from AuralynneKMK Designs LLC, and Romantic Threads.

In my opinion it is fairly easy to purchase accessories for Halloween costumes on Etsy as they usually are already made so they ship faster. The best thing to do is look at the seller’s policies or you can message them. The fairy wings in the top photo was purchased from an Etsy vendor called Barbed Lotus Designs. They are no longer listed but, it an example of trying to have something that is made especially for you. Sister of the Moon has a vast selection of tutus. I have ordered from her several times. This look was from an eighties themed jazz routine that was done for a dance recital. 


If you do not want to shop online for accessories many stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target have what you need. Plus, you can make a pit stop for Halloween Decor and candy. Fabric and Arts and Crafts stores can be informative. Another place is Party Stores or Halloween shops that open up during the season. If you are lucky and live in Worcester, MA they have the Halloween Outlet open year round. It is even just fun to browse but, they literally sell everything Halloween. I purchased these black angel wings there.


Happy Halloweening!




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