Not Afraid of Change

It is no lie that I rarely shop with brands that are afraid to overstep their bounds and use models of all sizes. When I mean all sizes it does not necessarily does not mean ones that are my size. I mean ones that use short, in between, tall, skinny, fat, or curvy. Sometimes we have no choice in the matter. Just because a store carries my size or makes headlines with hashtags that you think are representing everyone in my opinion they really are not. Those hashtags are their to advertise for your money for attention. For example, how many times have you seen customers question a certain brand only to be given the same answer over and over or, just received a rude response back. Yet you still are shopping there. That is your choice but, when you continue to support the same people who support them and work for them; they will continue to thrive as a business. Why not support brands that really are out there that support body positiveness and are not afraid to be different because being the same is boring.

First, one that I have been a customer for many years is Pinup Girl Clothing. Laura Byrnes has been designing for a long time and she has been for all sizes as well. I have been following her since the Myspace days when I had no money lol. I wanted everything. If she is reading this can you bring some things back now that I have money for it, haha! She has been using models that are not the standard either. Some have tattoos, some are short, some are spoons, and even apple shaped. Another great thing is she has all kinds of events for pin ups too that anyone can participate in. You do not need to be a standard anything.

Another one that caught my eye is Eloquii. The first time I seen these fashions is when my favorite blogger From Rez to the City posted an outfit she was wearing. She is always so classy and stylish, posts home decorations too. I would follow her on all social media outlets if possible. Anyway, this brand is not afraid to promote women in larger sizes as when they sent me their flyer a few weeks ago their was a plus size woman who was definitely not the plus size model standard it was great really. I have a couple of skirts from them that I adore.

Another thing to do is look for models that are close to your stats that brands use in their campaigns. Okay now it is hard to say what their actual size is due to photoshop, what their agency is telling them to post for their measurement and size, and what have you. People make such a huge deal about it, that “OMG they are liars!” but truth is everyone in this industry does it just deal and focus on you. All in all if a brand is using someone that you think that close to in size or shape go for it. Usually, I go for someone like Alex LaRosa or Olivia Campbell even though I am not like them in the top part of the body department if they can wear it I usually think I can too and will probably lean towards buying it if someone uses them as a model.

Alex LaRosa has worked for many brands now and she is really going there. Always peeking in to see what she is up too. She started with Sealed with a Kiss which carries some great convertible dresses. Furthermore, she has worked with ModCloth which lets see last year I have become addicted to. Their jeans are the best ever. Of course Torrid has done some work with her too. Lastly, Ashely Stewart has been doing some great campaigns with her in which she looks amazingly stunning.

Olivia Campbell, oh gosh I wish more people would start using her and I think she was finally signed. Her boudoir photos are always beautifully done. She is overseas but, when she did her Monif C. campaign it was amazing. Monif C. is not afraid to use models that are not standard and we can sit here all day and list the models were not standard. All of her campaigns have slayed plus size life. In my opinion it is because she thinks out of the box instead of in it. This was the first one I seen that gave me life and I thought wow I can be big and beautiful really I can. Thanks Monif C, if you are reading this. Someday if something I want does not run out so fast I will have it, I promise!

Last year, Rebdolls had blogger Garner Style model some of her designs of the holiday season. Rebdolls has some cute basics t-shirts, dresses, and skirts for affordable prices. I am bumbed when I find something and they sell out in my size. Great thing is they sell all sizes so do not think they just sell plus size only. In the summer, you can also find some great swimsuits and separates too.

Lastly, as I have ordered from this store before Curvaceous Boutique. I am not sure what size her models are but, I do know that they are not like every other plus size campaign. Not all the models are super young as what I usually see in most campaigns so it makes me feel like I am buying clothes suited for my age I guess. Plus, when I lived in NYC I did more going out and shoots so I was more apt to shop here. Not sure they sell this dress anymore but, I will not ever let it go.

There are brands that will represent by using social media to showcase their fashions but they still use standard models in their campaigns or sometimes they do castings but still have the same models. Hmmmm… With all this being said, there is still a lot of work to do. Maybe there are more brands out there that I did not mention that use larger models or models of all sizes, well give them a shout out I have a comment section. However, as consumers we tend to complain about the same things that brands do yet we still spend money there. Sometimes when we are petite (I say petite as my mother is) or plus size we have no choice but, other times we do so just do not support the brands that do not support you and go elsewhere.

This write up came about when a brand supported a person that made posts about me and other plus size women being unhealthy and unattractive due to our sizes, yet when I shouted out the brand about it they made excuses that their models were plus size (which is a common occurrence and response with them; I never mentioned their models and I have no problems with model sizes), that they do not research posts, and that they only respond to positive postings towards them. Who ever runs their Facebook and Twitter has bad customer service skills and seems to have the attitude that I must be a nuisance to their day because this company has so much money they do not care about me this one customer that they lose. Which is the common way customer service works now in which is something that I would of never of gotten away with in retail back in the day or in my career now dealing with people. It was just another reason not to shop there and yet another reason for me to make a post about brands that use models of all sizes.






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