Unders for Thick Thighs review

A few months ago I decided to attend the Pin Up Parade that was held by Pinup Girl Clothing at Disneyland over the weekend. I knew that like most events that I have attended that required some kind of dressing up I would be “uncomfortable” that I would need to purchase some new undergarments.  One of the problems I did not want to deal with as a plus size woman is the chub rub. I could do what I usually do and wear control top pantyhose but, I knew I wanted to spend the whole day at Disney so that was not going to do especially that sometimes chub rub can still commence wearing panythose. Furthermore, being that Disneyland is in Southern California the weather can be unpredictable. It would be best for me not to have to wear something I could be wet in or too hot in.

It was by accident when looking for shapewear that was either highwaisted panties or shorts I found Undersummers Shortlettes on Amazon. My only other option was Spanx in which I was not too excited to spend $100, be squeezed in all day, picking and torturing myself when I had to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I feel like wearing shapewear but, on days in which I will be walking and active I rather not. The other option, was these lace bands that reminded me of thigh highs without the pantyhose attached in which the photos that women posted just did not sit right with me. I mean I wear thigh highs for fun or shoots but not for all day type events.

The Undersummer Shortlettes on Amazon come only in simple colors but, the reviews on Amazon were fitting. Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get these shorts fairly quickly because they come in two days. During the parade I was very comfortable. The Undersummer Shortlettes are lightweight, have a cotton lined crotch so you do not need to wear panties underneath, perfect for weather in the nineties, breathable, they did not ride up, the size charts were correct with my measurements, and no chub rub. The only downside for some is that these are not suitable for short skirts or dresses. For me I am 39, and just do not do anything really above my knee anymore. Their website has a better selection than Amazon and I am sure I will be ordering more for future use.



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