Keep It Real

OK so the ever lasting age of thirty-nine has hit me over the weekend and although I seem to think that I do not look my age, I feel that well hello I am not twenty-two anymore. Sigh… those were the days. Obviously. Sometimes I do find the need to get some fillers to my expression lines because I did not pursue the bitch face necessary to avoid them, lol.

In my opinion, there is not secret to the Fountain of Youth same in which I feel the way bodies look and think genetics play an important role in what people look like. The women in my mother’s side of my family look at least a decade or younger than their age. My father’s side look even younger than this.

As for body shape we already went over this if you read my previous posts. I just do not know. Now I am going to tell you that this did not stop me from getting stretch marks during puberty, pregnancies, weight loss, and weight gains. When people tell me I did not lotion enough and all this other old wives tale BS, they just do not know me that well. However, I do not have a c-section scar. Not sure what that is about.

Anyway, ever since I was a child skin care was taught to me. Washing my face in the a.m. and at bedtime was just as important as brushing and flossing my teeth. When I started wearing makeup it had to be removed before bedtime. Plus, I apply lotion after every shower or bath as well. It had come to a point that if I try not to lotion my skin will feel tight that I have to lotion anyway.

A trick that my mother told me was to use facial lotion that was for someone who is older than you. In my twenties, when I had no lines I started using face cream that was meant for women in their thirties or lotions that targeted fine lines. Now I use face creams that are to target deep lines. Hopes this makes some sense. Applying lotion, cleanser, or makeup to my face is done gently. When applying lotion to the eyelids take pat the eyelids. When applying lotion to the neck do it in a gentle upstroke. Sometimes these makeup tutorials kill me with all the pulling at the eyelids and under eye area. I just can’t!!!


So let’s get started, shall we…. 

Right now my skin is a combination of oily in the t-zone and normal/dry everywhere else. I have occasional acne a few times a year. I do not pop my pimples EVER. The only lines at this stage in my life are expression lines on my forehead and from smiling from my nose to mouth. My eyebrow area gets threaded every three weeks and my upper lip sadly gets threaded every two months. Currently, I have not been wearing make up due to lack of shoot and performances. Maybe now I just wear a couples time a year. If this changes I will love myself because I do love makeup. Just saying. 

When I wake up and before bedtime, I like to use Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming Foam Cleanser, as my face tends to get red when I touch it too much so this prevents this. Sometimes I will use Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser if they are out of the other one. They are pretty good at removing makeup but, I still have to use eye makeup remover and a wash cloth for my face. My favorite is Avon’s Eye Makeup Remover Lotion and some Jumbo size cotton balls from CVS. Best one yet. Works great on lipstick too.

Sometimes, twice a week I do use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to my face, neck, and upper chest area. As for a toner, I only use before bedtime to my face and my neck. Right now I am using Boots Botanic Shine Away Toner. To reduce lines, under circles, and puffiness I always use eye cream as I work the overnights. Right now I am enjoying Boots No7 Restore & Renew Eye cream. Furthermore, I started getting into using a serum just because using Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum. For this desert dryness it does the extra trick for the needed moisture in my dry spots. Boots was working well out I started using their Lift & Luminate Night Cream too.

Previously, I was using Avon’s Anew products which I adored but, after moving I did not have an Avon lady anymore and ended up with an Ulta membership. I had been using their products for twenty years. There sets are pretty affordable I would only have to spend $50 that would include eye cream, day time lotion, and night time lotion and it would last a year. Still using their Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF25 which I purchased over a year ago in one of those sets.

When I was a teenager my skin was much oilier, I had acne more often, and I wore makeup every single day. My regimen was similar except I used Noxzema, Seabreeze astringent, (do they even sell this anymore?), and Oil of Olay for lotion. At the time SPF really was not important as it is today so I suggest if you are a teenager reading this that you look for a light lotion that has SPF in it.

As for my body I swear by Lever 2000. I wash my neck with soap and a wash cloth and do not think facial cleansers are strong enough to clean this area but, I will use facial scrubs, body scrubs, or body washes from time to time. My favorite body wash is Dove. They are so good that sometimes I do not even have to lotion my skin after I shower. That is a plus after a long shift at work. Their soaps can work too if I get bored with Lever 200o.  Plus their scents are relaxing. When time permits I do like to make my own body scrubs that can be used from neck to toe and reduce the time to lotion. You can find some simple recipes in my Beautify Pinterest List.

As for body lotions, I use several types depending on the season. Right now I am into Gold Bond lotion with this desert dryness it is a must. Last summer was the first summer I was here in a long time so I will probably have to search for a new liking when it starts getting hot here. Currently, for fun scented lotions I am really into Ulta’s Bath and Body selections as their scents are not too strong for the work environment and they have a light gel lotion that will work for the hot days. When I lived in the Northeast I was really into Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion collection as it was light for the summer or Palmer’s collections as it was thick for the winter.

Avon’s Skin So Soft, Moisture Therapy, Planet Spa, or Mark Body were some other favorites. I use to be in love with Victoria’s Secret body sets but, since they do not have the time to make lingerie in my size I do not have the time to spend money there. Just dropping a two cents on that one.


Well back to the topic. It is ever too late to start with skin care.

Hey it is great to do something nice and take care of ourselves. 



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