The Boudoir Experience

With Valentine’s Day upon us I thought I would give some tips on getting a photographer for Boudoir images. There were only one time I paid to have my photographs taken by a professional photographer for boudoir. It was an awesome experience doing it and some of the photographs did come out beautiful. Since the person did not work with many plus size women my photographs were photoshopped that when posted on Social Media people noticed and the people who knew me personally thought I lost weight. Some are so bad I cannot use them. Not to mention my photos came two months later while people that I knew that used her before waited two weeks.

It really taught me a deal when I found the need to pay for a photographer again. Most of my photographs that have been taken of me I was an actual model. I was either paid or I did them for TF which is “time for print” you work for the photos. Some of these photographers were already boudoir photographers and some were learning. My job was mostly to pose for photographers for a diverse outlook on their work. With this being said, not every woman who decides to do a boudoir photo shoot a model standard. Modeling is another ball game when it comes to working with photographers and I will probably talk about that in the future.

Before embarking on working with the perfect photographer think of what you actually want to do. Resources such as Pinterest or Tumblr has many photos that can give you some ideas. You can also look at other Photographer or Model portfolios. Other places are Lingerie websites. Now they do not have to be photos of plus size women in all honesty there are not that many so some ideas can be conjured from women of any sizes.

Here are samples of folders I started:




Tumblr/Pin Up

After you form some kind of idea now you just need to get the items to formulate that idea. Are you going to use your own bedroom? Some boudoir photographers have their own props that can be used such as furniture, backgrounds, and accessories such as jewelry. Some have their own lingerie items and I would suggest wearing a panty liner on any used lingerie if you do not want to buy your own. Some shoot in hotel rooms that have some great settings. You can also plan do find your own room to do this in. As for lingerie or you can check out my post on My Favorite Lingerie Shops, or do a Google Search. Are you going to pose nude in these photos? Either or, do not wear underwear under clothes to the shoot as they will cause lines on your body. Simple wear something that you can travel in that is comfortable and will not show that does not look like you are going “commando”.

Next, is finding the right photographer. Honestly, a good boudoir photographer does not have to be expensive. Of course if they are published they will be pricey but, that does not make them the photographer for you. You really need to research what they do. As a plus size women do they showcase women of your body type and size? If they have a portfolio full of women of one size honestly it does not show that they can actually can work with you. Photographing a women who is a size 6 it much different than photographing a women who is a size 24. They should know how to help you pose in positions that I hate to say it are flattering for the camera. Work with someone that actually knows what they are doing and can prove it.

As for myself I am not really into photoshop. From a modeling stand point most of what I have done is not photoshopped. At the time I just wanted to showcase what I actually look liked so there would be no surprises when I worked. Plus, my significant other rather see photos of me that are actually me. If you would like to embark on this type of editing also be sure they are photoshopping women your size. If you ask they should be able to show you a before and after images of their work. As always to each their own.

Reviews are important, at least to me. Every single time I read a bad review on any business they seem to be right especially when they are relevant. Another thing to consider is some people do not rate someone when they have had a good experience which makes things bias. However, reading them can help you in who you chose. Websites such as Yelp, Google, or Facebook are great options. If you have a friend who has had a Boudoir shoot you can ask them what their experience was like. Reviews can also help to see if the photographer is actually reputable.

Other things that photographers might offer is alcohol such as wine or champagne. I am not a drinker myself as age has plagued me with getting a headache when drinking. For me it is not worth it. However, I am sure for some it can ease the mood a bit. Some offer framing, photo albums, video, or photographs on a CD for download and they might exchange one for another.  Another thing to keep in mind is their schedule. Some boudoir photographers also shoot weddings so when it is wedding season in your area they might not be available till it is over or have limited bookings.

Hair and makeup are also important. If you can do this yourself koodoos. Lately, with all new trends I find myself lost in keeping up especially with highlighting and eyebrows. As a dancer, I was able to understand that stage lights will affect makeup which is the same for lighting that is used in photography. You have to put more on and use colors that will show. There are plenty of tutorials you can find on Social Media. My favorite makeup tutorial Youtubers are Julia Graf and Iris J.  You can find your own artists to do this with the same concept as a photographer except I do not think size is important but things such as skin color and hair type can be something you can look for. Some will come to the shoot with you, others you will have to go to a salon or their studio, and some can come to your home. Also, some photographers will have someone they work with or they can suggest someone.

Hope this helps with your decision on having photos taken of yourself. These tips can be used for any genre of photography, not only boudoir and any size woman of course. It is your money and your photoshoot so look for what you want. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Think of it like buying a car or even an investment.




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