Work It Out

Regardless of popular belief that plus size women are lazy and do not work out is hogwash. Like other plus size women I have been exercising since childhood.  I do not want to make this a debate on weight so, all in all there are also limited options when it comes to activewear or dancewear for plus size women. In the past, going to the gym was easy as long as I had a great bra or panties I really was not concerned with what I looked like since my clothes would be drenched at the end of it all. Although it would of been nice to have more options. These days it is bit better but, of course we are still having to look at models who have no stomachs not only is that intimidating for some of us as in reality we just are not photoshopped or model standard but, it also does not really show how it will fit.

Same for when I started dancing 16 years ago I had to settle for items that were close enough to dancewear or what were available in my size. Like the roll down yoga pants that never fit right. Thankfully, my first dance instructor who knew about all sizes in all dance genres for costuming. She really did inspire me that regardless of my size that I could dance and be good at it. Anyhow, it is really important for plus size women to seek those who have similar bodies as we do when it comes to shopping as it really can help with what we should buy and what we can stay away from. However, much of what is available is expensive and the only ones I see wearing it are bloggers who received the item for free. Recently, I have seen Forever 21 but, I have yet to see a review on their quality. 

For working out I usually purchase from Old Navy or Walmart that carries Danskin Now or Avia. Both are in my price range and last long. Old Navy runs larger in my opinion so check your measurements with their size chart. For their Plus Size line in tops I wear a 1X and bottoms a 2X and their Misses top XL and bottoms XXL. Remember in my previous post I wear a 2X on top and a 3X for bottoms in most designs. In most recent years they have come up with designs that have more support or wick up moisture. Walmart is another affordable option. Now their items run small, so try them on if you can. Also, I have found great workout gear at Target. Not always affordable, unless you find a good sale, and they run small. I have not ever tried their Plus Size activewear as this seems to be new and is only available online.

Dancewear vendors do carry plus size but, you will not find the cute fancy designs usually the basics.  Most of my dance experience is in oriental or what some may know as belly dance. Unfortunately, when I started there was no such thing as plus size belly dance wear. I had to come up with my own ideas usually that meant wearing street clothes to class and incorporating some of what I wore to ballet by just adding pants. Convertible tights saved me as after ballet I could just flip of the foot and make them into footless tights. When it started to become more popular that is when belly dance wear had more choices but, only up to a size 2X. Since most of belly dance wear has stretch and is flow I am able to fit in a 2X. These days there are vendors that carry larger sizes but, they can be expensive or run out fast.

As for undergarments lets just say I either go commando because I am wearing tights or the pants have a cotton lining. I do not wear lingerie type panties when working out. Usually, I wear cotton panties by Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. To each their own but, I do not need to be picking panties out of my behind with each move, pose, or activity.

List of my wear I have purchased dancewear: 

*Remember read the size charts dancewear runs different than clothing. Some items are not truly plus size. I buy a size up in tights as I like them to be high-waisted.*

Discount Dance Supply

You Go Girl Dancewear


We Love Colors 

Now for belly dance wear: 

*Belly Dance costuming is a whole different ball game. Many of us in the belly dance community that are plus size always struggle with options.*


Miss Belly Dance

Shimmy Sista

Moondance Belly Dance








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