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It might be early for some but, when you live in the Southwest where it gets hot early in the year it is time for me, myself, and I to buy swimwear. Plus, for people who celebrate Spring Break or go on that well needed get away from the snow tropical vacation it might be a great time to look. My swimwear collection has become quite large since moving here from the Northeast. SoCal is a drive away and we live in a community with a pool.

Lets face it quality suits can be rather expensive for plus size women. Sometimes you can find a deal and I have purchased used and new swimwear on online swap meets, EBAY, or  even thrift shops. However, if you do not know who you are buying from online you can be in a battle of knowing when it will be shipped or if they will deliver at all. Plus, always research the original price of the item because sometimes people will overcharge you even if they wore it.

In recent years the two piece swimsuit for plus size women has become quite popular. Something that was not available to me in my teenage years or twenties, I really do embrace this style. It is not for everyone. I do not mean flattering I mean when it comes to terms of whatever someone’s fashion style is.

First, I love Black Cat Bikinis they have a retro look. She does have more modern designs as well and a variety of fabrics to chose from. I have one two-piece that I have purchased three years ago. It stays on, it is still intact, it is lined, and it fits perfectly. You have to buy from her in advance as she makes them custom to your size. She is currently having a sale until January 2, 2016 if you catch this post in time. You know I bought another. Otherwise you can find her store on social media and Etsy.

Swimsuitsforall is another favorite. Although they do not make enough of some of their suits especially, the Gabi Fresh designs so every year I miss out. Although they have other options as well. They do have sales, clearance, and they can be found on Zulily frequently for low prices. All in all the one piece suit that I purchased four years ago is a little bit lighter as the color bled in the wash but, it is still intact fit wise. I would still buy from them again.

Next, is Pin Up Girl Clothing. Last year I noticed that they sell some suits in larger sizes but, check out the size charts as my 3X bottom is going to wear a larger size. I do have one of their velvet one piece suits. It is perfect but, only problem is that when at the beach the sand with the velvet cause burn underneath my arms. Now I only wear it at the pool. This suit really does have support and it has lasted so the price is well worth it.

New discovery for me last year was Rue 107. They are really fashion forward and have some really great prints. Last year I purchased their watermelon print suit and skirt. Get some great compliments on this one. It is lined, does have support, and it is great for being active.

Another I have tried is Forever 21. I purchased a couple of new ones on online with tags from women who they did not fit or had too many. One of them that has a ton of support (click here) the bottoms are a bit too small in the thigh and hip area and the two piece that has minimal support is a little large. With most of their items for plus size women online it really is an iffy one. Although they do returns you always have to pay to send it back and they only give store credit. Since  their items sell fast you might be sitting on that store refund if you cannot find something you like. I can see why some opted just to sell their suits online. The prices are really great though. Being able to get a suit for less than $30 is nice.

Lastly, I have purchased from Walmart, Ross, and Target. The great thing about these stores is not only do they have an online selection you can check to see if they have it at your local store that way you can try it on. Walmart also has a great selection of swimwear just for working out in the pool that will not break the bank with lots of support. Ross is really a hit or miss due to their limited selection but, you cannot beat buying a swimsuit for less than $20. Target sells separates which can coordinate with your other swimwear pieces. Plus there is not wait when you need something fast.



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