My favorite lingerie shops

The shops in this post I have personally purchased from online and off.

A little bit about my lingerie size:

  • My bra size is 42DD
  • Panties 3X
  • Camisoles, baby dolls, or gowns  2X.
  • Thigh high stockings 5X.
  • Pantyhose/Tights depending on the brand a size or two larger.

(I will explain why I buy my stockings, pantyhose, and tight in a larger size in another blog post)

  • Steel boned corset, bustiers, bodystockings, waist cinchers, or shapewear I usually go buy the websites size chart.

First, I believe I have purchased the most lingerie from Hips and Curves for at least 6 years now. Even though some of their items are pricey it is worth it as everything I have purchased from them is still intact. Some of their thigh highs are done for after a couple of wears but, I have yet to find a pantyhose product that does not eventually run. Most of their thigh high selection comes in a package of two so that helps. Only once I had to return a bra I purchased, the cups were just too big. The best way I save money from them is joining their email list and of course following them on Social Media. For photo shoots and special occasions I would order a month in advance because, there have been times that they have not processed my order and I have had to call them.

Next, is Lane Bryant. They have been around since my childhood. Of course I did not wear lingerie until my twenties, to each their own of course. On the other hand, I have been buying their everyday undergarments since then. Lately, I have not been interested in their lingerie and bra selection (another post of course). The best time to buy items from them is when their is a sale unless you really want it and know it is a popular item, these items sell fast. They have some of the best tights.

Frederick’s of Hollywood is another option. Although, over recent years their plus size selection has dwindled they still have some great basics for instance a chemise or a pretty pair of lace panties. Plus, you can still find a great selection of bras. If you have a store in your area they have great associates that can measure you and also help you find the right bra for your shape. My breasts tend to go outward, so in order for me to obtain a cleavage I need to have serious push up. Their Hollywood Extreme Cleavage Collection is my best option. They claim to have corsets but, mind you they are not. They have boning and you need to purchase your underbust measurement. They do not make my size anymore but, I have owned their Hollywood Dream Corset up to a size 38. For more information about what corsets really are take a look at What is a “Real” Corset, Anyway? by the Lingerie Addict.

Torrid which is fairly new has some great finds. They have great sales and you might find something in the clearance section of their store or online. Signing up for their Torrid Insider is a plus. When I modeled I would stock up on their thigh high stockings. However, their bras are iffy. They do not last for day wear. Although, I have not purchased one in a few years.

Orchard Corset is another favorite. They have affordable corsets and shapewear for all sizes. If you do not see your size they have great customer service that can tell you when they and if they will carry what you are interested in. Use their sizing guide for assistance in your purchase. Also, if you need this for a photoshoot or a special occasion you will have to order in advance at least a month to be safe. The best way to find out about sales is joining their email and following them on social media.

Sometimes I have found lingerie items at Walmart especially, in the clearance section. Plus, I am a Registered Nurse so most of my daily undergarments are either Hanes or Fruit of the Loom cotton panties. Too each their own but, when I have to move around I cannot wear anything silky. Another affordable and go to option is TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Burlington Coat Factory.

When I lived in the Northeast I always stocked up on tights especially for the colder weather. Plus, I am a dancer so tights are everything. I already mentioned Lane Bryant and Hips and Curves, here are more:

Spanx and Assets (which is the cheaper version made by the Spanx designer Sarah Blakely) are great for control. I do go by their size guide and it works out for me. Their high waist tights and pantyhose are perfect for my belly. They fit right under my bra and they do not roll down at all. The great thing about these are you can find them at almost any retailer that sells plus size fashions. Furthermore, now you can see if they have them in stock or do ship-to-store in a day. So if you need them right away they are there when you need them.

We Love Colors is pretty good as if you are looking for a certain color or design they have it. My only gripe is that they do not sell every style in all sizes and they have no control. They do last long. My suggestion is too buy a size larger if you like them to be high waisted as they tend to roll.

Honestly, they best tights I have ever worn were dance tights. Capezio and Danskin do sell plus size dance tights. They are pricey but, they last long. When I mean last long back in my home town I would take class two to three times a week in which they really did last me the whole dance year. Most dance stores online will sell them in plus size and if you live in a major city they will have them in their shops. You Go Girl Dance has a large selection and they also sell other plus size dancewear and have sales.



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