Does size matter?

After seeing a post on one of my favorite blogs by the Lingerie Addict about how their really are not that many Plus Size Lingerie bloggers out there to change the way Plus Size Lingerie is run. You can read it here

It is true because what I have read about lingerie for plus size women are by women who are hourglass shaped and have flat stomachs. No offense because they are amazingly gorgeous and maybe there are others I do not know about but, I just do not have the same body as they do and of course other women in the plus size community.

Their suggestions and reviews in my opinion are great for someone with aforementioned body shapes but, not for someone who like myself who considers herself an apple and pear shaped. Yes, you can have more than one shape. There are many requests from women of different body shapes looking for representation in the plus size fashion and body acceptance communities. I myself am one of them.

However, their blogs are also another way to add to your basic lingerie knowledge. Such as how to measure for lingerie, what new designs are out, and even sales. With that being said, my lingerie knowledge first came from my mother who is not plus size and is actually petite. It is obvious that I did not get her genetics in the body department. Back in her day, she did not have social media to gain education on her undergarments. Most what she learned was from reading books and She taught me about the inportance of wearing cotton  lined panties, how to put on a bra correctly, and shapewear. Yes, women who are petite also enjoy coverage. Even with her size 2 body frame she still wanted some kind of coverage and also has cellulite.

Hopefully, my blog will give some insight for more suggestions on lingerie rather than a standard sociological approach on what lingerie businesses want to show for sales. This is especially true for those who have to spend their hard earned cash on quality lingerie while trying to find that perfect something for any occasion, including everyday wear that is affordable and well fits. As someone who has tried to get out their in the plus size model community I have been an avid shopper for Boudoir shoots that I have done and someone who has a day job which requires standing, I can really assist in what works. Plus, I will talk about choosing a right photographer for those who are seeking to get their photographs done in lingerie. In future posts I will discuss how to make lingerie last, what brands I like, and which brands I have had problems with. Among other topics. Enjoy!



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